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"Thinking about design is hard,
but not thinking about it can be disastrous.

- Ralph Caplan - 

We believe that life is about adventure and growth. The balance between work and personal life is incredibly important. Every day small businesses around the globe are born, grown, and breathe fresh life into the world. We love entrepreneurs and their drive to take risks to achieve their dreams. 

Today's world requires a business to have a website and a social media presence to live and grow. We found that many larger web design companies are too much for small businesses and independent individuals. They simply are not created to design and market small business pages. This is where we decided to shine with the desire to create impressive websites for the "little guy" using strategy, marketing, and aspiring designs. The little guy has a chance to become

the "big guy".

We want to see your business grow and your dreams and goals become reality. Envious Web Designs specializes in small business web design, blogs & social media management. We focus on what small business and the individual need and wants. We understand all the work that goes into small businesses and the people that own them.

We want you to achieve your goals so we can achieve ours.

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